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I welcome love notes and all kinds of chats and questions on
I hope to one day write reviews on yummy stationery and so on.

I also welcome old school mail via post.  Please email me for my mailing address if you wish to do so.

Hope to hear from you sooner than soon!


  1. I ran into your blog through pinterest and I'm in love with it!!! Your taste in all things from planners, the way you write and decorate your planner, to the accessories you use is exactly the same as mine! You have definitely found a fan in me and I can't wait to continue reading your blog and getting introduced to all things cute as you review different products :)

  2. What's her Pinterest account?

  3. Hi!
    Just wondering what your Pinterest account is? I would love to follow you! I love your ideas and keep up the great work! Also I'm having a party soon and maybe you can can show how to do a diy photo booth? Thanks it would be amazing!!!