Tuesday, 31 December 2013

recording life:: dec 23 - dec 29 2013

Christmas and shopping was this week's agenda and I loved it.  The moment my boyfriend returned, we went to watch The Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug.  I have been excited for it for so very long and we couldn't help ourselves but make plans at 2.00am in the morning so that we can see it the next day {{or later that day}}.

I hope you all had a memorable week, and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

recording life:: dec 16 - dec 22 2013

This week was so very relaxing.  I enjoyed writing letters to my dear penpals.

The Ikea sale also gave me an excuse to redecorate and move things around my room to make way for an additional Alex drawer and Vika Veine table.  I love that I have more room to work creatively and I do not have to constantly rummage through my stash that is just scattered across my bedroom floor. 

I love the new change to my room.
A change of scenery is always a good idea.

Much loves.

recording life:: dec 9 - dec 15 2013

My trip back home was a short one and before I knew it, I was flying back to Melbourne and attending a dear friend's 21st.

She's a complete girlie girl and I absolutely adored her theme.  Her cake was no less gorgeous and I couldn't help but fawn over the roses.  The most beautiful tea party I have ever attended by far.

I had so much fun writing a little letter to her and I hoped she enjoy her little gifts that I enjoyed shopping for.  Teacups and Lush products? As if anything can go wrong with them.  
Love you girlie.

recording life:: dec 2 - dec 8 2013

This week has been pretty empty due to a large amount of time being spent on casual work.
Still, I do absolutely adore the Typo tape, Diana mini sticker, Dear Lizzy vespa polaroid and blue polka dotty tab gifted to me by a friend.

I hope you love it too.  Lots of hearts for you.

recording life:: nov 25 - dec 1 2013

This week has got to be one of my favourite decorated page so far.
Good vibes were sent from my penpals, Lily and April.
There was a lot of preparation and packing to do as I was going home.  The week was definitely eventful and it was fabulous to see my family again.

As you can see, home and my family was on my mind a lot!

recording life:: nov 18 - nov 24 2013

This week was smashing.
Just a small list of what made this week so great:
  • The completion of all my exams
  • Chadstone VIP night
  • Meeting Kristina Karlsson {{read about it here}}
  • After Exams Party!
  • A good friend's 21st
  • Writing to my penpals
I enjoyed this week so much.  The adrenaline from the completion of my exams was enough to fuel me till the end of the month. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

meeting Kristina Karlsson, founder of kikki.K & stationery lover

The last day of exams heralded a sense of FREEDOM.  And freedom has never tasted so good.  It was lucky that my final exam fell in the morning of the VIP night of the biggest shopping center in Melbourne (& Australia?), Chadstone Shopping Center.  I was so very excited and planned to shop up a storm.

My dear friend informed me that Kristina Karlsson, the founder of kikki.K will be there.  I was determined to be there! kikki.K is one of my most favourite stationery stores in Australia.  It is so whimsical and dreamy and I adore everything about it {{I promise I do not own the entire store!}}.  I am not ashamed to say I was half an hour early because I was just that keen on seeing her!  She is such a charming person and I loved how excited she was to meet us.

I shared some of my pages with her and she so kindly wrote me a message on one of the new Inspiration notepads as well as in my diary! I loved how excited she was to see my pages and blushed majorly when she asked if she could take a picture of one of my weeks.

I loved how she coordinated the page in which she wrote a message with the washi tape I used for this week.  It is too perfect! She is too perfect!

Read more about Kristina here!

I'm still camera shy so I am not planning on posting the photo with me and Kristina together - not photoshopped, I promise!

recording life:: nov 11 - nov 17 2013

Two exams in a row definitely counts as a series of unfortunate events.  Additional to that, these two units mean an extra lot to me as they count towards my major in my double degree and is something I would like to work on in the future.

After I jumped over that obstacle, a good friend, the boyfriend and I celebrated by watching the new Thor movie.  Best ending to the day!

However, the next day involves waking up early for some good ol' studying.  The next two exams must be tackled!

At least I am accompanied by some very pretty stationery?

MT Masking Tape Pop Up Store in Melbourne Central

The much beloved MT Masking Tape brand from Japan revealed a pop up store in Melbourne Central through the month of November.  I was so very excited but due to exams, I was afraid I would miss it.  So after two exams in a row, I made a sneaky trip to Melbourne Central before heading home!

It was all so very adorable and I love how they utilised the masking tapes to decorate little houses! The creativity is so admirable.

This event was hosted by NoteMaker, a store in Melbourne that desires to bring the best quality stationery items.  I am planning to visit the store sometime in the holidays.  

recording lifee: nov 4 - nov 10 2013

With the exception of one exam, this was an uneventful week filled with lots and lots and lots of study.  However, I did get lots of happy mail! All the love drove me to study harder so it was possible for me to write a reply sooner!

It was unfortunate that an exam fell on my actual birthday but my dear boyfriend surprised me with a blackforest cake and a dinner to my favourite Korean place.  Couldn't be happier!

Much loves & I hope your week was well.

recording lifee: oct 28 - nov 3 2013

Need I say more? It's such an amazingly important week for me - to get my study on and be as productive as I can as well as not burn out before the end of exams appear.

This SWOTVAC week was especially important to me as I celebrated my 21st Birthday.

My 21st Birthday was simply amazing and I loved every moment of it.  I appreciate all the wonderful gifts from my dear dear friends.

My cake was also absolutely beautiful! A layered cake in a pink gradient was magical! Add an icing that looked similar to flowers that is also in a pink gradient was so very "me."  I never want to forget that night.

Once that was over, I got down to study immediately.

recording lifee: oct 21 - oct 27 2013

The last week of the semester 2 passed by in a blur! The week was packed with last minute revision, assignments, lectures, reports and so on.  Additional to that, I found time to write to my dear dear penfriends and meet up with friends for lunch and dessert.

It's possible to have fun and do well, right?

I used some dreamy aqua washi tape and Dear Lizzy stickers to keep me calm during the week.  I absolutely adore how this week turned out!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

recording life:: oct 14 - oct 20 2013

This week, I wanted to add a bit of colour into my pages to reflect the warmer weather we have been having.  Due to the continued onslaught of assessments, I have been chained to my desk.  At least I have my pretty stationery to keep me company!

Masking seal stickers from yozocraft; yellow Martha Stewart post it note, a gift from cafeetpapier; Cloud stickers from eBay; Uni style fit barrel and assorted refills from Jetpens.
These were the main tools I used to decorate my pages this week.  I also added a wee little polaroid, cut up from a scrapbook page by Dear Lizzy's Fifth and Frolic collection.  I absolutely love the pages in these! So dreamy.

I was also very lucky to receive a most lovely letter from a dear new friend, @winiii_fred.  Check out her Instagram, she takes the most beautiful photos.  I was so very lucky she shared a polaroid with me. 

I hope you have had a lovely week!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

recording life:: oct 7 - oct 13 2013

Hello hello!
How have your week been?
While my week look like it was absolutely PACKED, the tasks were short and this week was probably one of my most laid back weeks.  I thought that the colours I chose out this week really reflects that.

Sunday was my dear Daddy's birthday.  It's always sad when you can't spend the day with your loved ones on their special day, but that's what happens when you're studying interstate. 

Dear Lizzy sticker book purchased from Spotlight;  washi tapes, gifts from cafeetpapier {{can be purchased from twopeasinabucket}} Uni style fit barrel and assorted refills from Jetpens.
These were the supplies used to decorate this week's pages.  I thought the three washi tapes that came in a set looked very good together and I wanted to incorporate them into my page all at once.  The Dear Lizzy sticker book also had colours that match perfectly with the washi tapes. 

I was also so very happy to receive this treasure of a letter from Hui Yin at @dearchy

It is just so beautifully vintage! I can't wait to compose a letter and send it back.

How have your week been?
Any pretties in the mail?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

crafty tools for my crafty drawer

Not gonna lie, entering the penpal world has driven a creative itch in me.

This led to a few crafty purchases.

Motex embossing machine, ver. 3 and assorted tape refills purchased from D-lish Scraps.
Firstly, I'd like to introduce you to the motex embossing machine, ver. 3.
Look at how retro, adorable, and user-friendly it is!

This was purchased from D-lish Scraps for a great price of AUD $15.00.  The tape refills {{except for the pink, which came in the package}} were purchased at a price of AUD $3.  I selected bright, neon colours to prepare for the summer ahead.  The thing is, I don't think these colours are enough, I may want more! {{eBay better watch out!}}

As a store, I really recommend D-lish Scraps.  Their competitive pricing and GREAT service is making me thinking about another order.  My package came shipped within a week and it was well packaged with a little heart chocolate too!

The next few purchases {{all purchased at three separate occasions...}} are craft punches of different shapes and sizes.  These are all from the Fiskars brand, and I love how easy they are to use.  I love making confetti with them!

Do you have a trusty crafty tool that you love to use?
Please share, I'd love to know more!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

recording lifee: sept 30 - oct 6 2013

The long awaited midsemester break!
Oh, what a relief, I can breathe again.  Well, for now... I can't lie, the past few weeks, I felt like I was a fish out of water, struggling to keep up with the intense work load I had.

Living interstate for university, the break allowed me to visit my family.  It was so good to see them {{not to mention, I was spoiled to the max!}} and to continue my assignments at a more leisurely pace.  While it was a short visit, it was exactly what I needed to face the rest of the semester.

This week was also a friend's 21st and it was so good to relax and enjoy the break with some friends.

Dear Lizzy sticker book purchased from Spotlight; Masking seal stickers purchased from Yozocraft; Uni style fit barrel and assorted refills from Jetpens.
The supplies I used to decorate my pages this week were dominated with stickers with a homey, travel-ish theme.  Kinda fitting, don't you think? The heart stickers were extra treats gifted to me from Rin at paperedthoughts in a penpal letter.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

recording life:: sept 23 - sept 29 2013

This week has been much more relaxing compared to the past few weeks, which I am glad for.  But assessments and projects will be keeping me very busy throughout the week so there would not be much of a "break" for me.  However, I am flying home next week to visit my family so I am looking forward to that. 

To Do list pad, washi tape samples, all gifts from cafeetpapier;  Uni style fit barrel and assorted refills from Jetpens.
I did not use many tools this time around, mostly washi tape samples and post-it notes that were gifted to me by Kait.  I am loving the uni style fit as they are just so useful.  All the colours that I need to colour code and a black pen is in this one nifty pen.  I can't help but tell you all how much I love it!

What tools have you been using to decorate your Filofax?
Much loves!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

recording life:: sept 16 - sept 22 2013

Practical reports and various assessments have been dominating my weeks lately.  It's just that time in the semester where the assessments keep coming at you, one right after the other! {{Good thing I have my Filofax to keep me both organised AND distracted...}}.

It is now the end of Week 8 of second semester - can we PLEASE have our midsemester break now?

pawoo elephant stickers purchased from etsy; cloud sticky tabs purchased from eBay; camera washi tape and green polka dot washi tape, a gift from cafeetpapier; pink lace washi tape, a gift from littleredmoose; coleto barrels and assorted pen refills from Jetpens.
The supplies that I used this week include washi tape, my favourite elephant stickers and the most adorable cloud sticky notes.  I love the transparent elephant stickers, they are just so adorable and I've been trying to use them sparingly! Also, I adore clouds.  Fluffy clouds with a bit of sunshine makes me happy!  Once again, I used my two Coleto pens to write and doodle with this week {{might just switch it up with the uni style fit next week!}}.

Hope everybody is doing well and the days are treating you right.