Sunday, 13 October 2013

recording life:: oct 7 - oct 13 2013

Hello hello!
How have your week been?
While my week look like it was absolutely PACKED, the tasks were short and this week was probably one of my most laid back weeks.  I thought that the colours I chose out this week really reflects that.

Sunday was my dear Daddy's birthday.  It's always sad when you can't spend the day with your loved ones on their special day, but that's what happens when you're studying interstate. 

Dear Lizzy sticker book purchased from Spotlight;  washi tapes, gifts from cafeetpapier {{can be purchased from twopeasinabucket}} Uni style fit barrel and assorted refills from Jetpens.
These were the supplies used to decorate this week's pages.  I thought the three washi tapes that came in a set looked very good together and I wanted to incorporate them into my page all at once.  The Dear Lizzy sticker book also had colours that match perfectly with the washi tapes. 

I was also so very happy to receive this treasure of a letter from Hui Yin at @dearchy

It is just so beautifully vintage! I can't wait to compose a letter and send it back.

How have your week been?
Any pretties in the mail?


  1. The week looks lovely and that letter is so stunning!. I discovered your blog yesterday and I am obsessed with stationary, school/office supplies and day planners so I'm in love with it! I've noticed that you have a pink planner in previous posts and it really sparked my curiosity, do you have two separate planners for different things or do you just change the outside?

    1. Hello hello! Thank you so much for your kind comments!

      I do have two separate planners but I don't use them for two different things. I love changing my planners between one another so I can have a bit of change. I just take out my papers and switch it to the one I would like to use. It means I don't get bored of it. It spices things up. ;D

      Are you planning on getting one? ^^

  2. Ooh, your week looks so pretty and neat! Love the feather sticker (?)!
    Also love the paper that the letter is written on - it looks gorgeous!

    1. Hello hello! Yes, it is a feather sticker. It was so gawjus and my day did not fill up so I took the opportunity to stick it there. ^^

      I am so very lucky to receive such beautiful letters from my penpals. They are treasures. <3
      Hope you are having a good day.