Sunday, 6 October 2013

recording lifee: sept 30 - oct 6 2013

The long awaited midsemester break!
Oh, what a relief, I can breathe again.  Well, for now... I can't lie, the past few weeks, I felt like I was a fish out of water, struggling to keep up with the intense work load I had.

Living interstate for university, the break allowed me to visit my family.  It was so good to see them {{not to mention, I was spoiled to the max!}} and to continue my assignments at a more leisurely pace.  While it was a short visit, it was exactly what I needed to face the rest of the semester.

This week was also a friend's 21st and it was so good to relax and enjoy the break with some friends.

Dear Lizzy sticker book purchased from Spotlight; Masking seal stickers purchased from Yozocraft; Uni style fit barrel and assorted refills from Jetpens.
The supplies I used to decorate my pages this week were dominated with stickers with a homey, travel-ish theme.  Kinda fitting, don't you think? The heart stickers were extra treats gifted to me from Rin at paperedthoughts in a penpal letter.


  1. those masking seals are sooo cute! Thank god for semester break. I just started back at uni this week and it was hellish.

    Enjoy the long weekend! x

    1. I'm starting uni tomorrow! Sigh, at least I got the bulk of my assignments done, but there are presentations to go, still!

      There's a long weekend?

    2. ohh! NSW labour day long weekend. I always forget it's state by state.

    3. My university doesn't believe in holidays, anyway. =[