Sunday, 29 September 2013

recording life:: sept 23 - sept 29 2013

This week has been much more relaxing compared to the past few weeks, which I am glad for.  But assessments and projects will be keeping me very busy throughout the week so there would not be much of a "break" for me.  However, I am flying home next week to visit my family so I am looking forward to that. 

To Do list pad, washi tape samples, all gifts from cafeetpapier;  Uni style fit barrel and assorted refills from Jetpens.
I did not use many tools this time around, mostly washi tape samples and post-it notes that were gifted to me by Kait.  I am loving the uni style fit as they are just so useful.  All the colours that I need to colour code and a black pen is in this one nifty pen.  I can't help but tell you all how much I love it!

What tools have you been using to decorate your Filofax?
Much loves!