Saturday, 1 March 2014

love letters: from April, to April

April has this amazingly creative and beautiful spirit.  It is such a joy to receive the amazing letters she sends out to me - it definitely makes me skip all the way back from the letter box to my front door.

This letter was extra special, I felt.  Not only did she make the prettiest wee booklet you have ever seen, but she is also in the making of a penpal booklet using Project Life cards.  As someone who have been wanting to give Project Life a go for the longest of times, I was only super excited to do this little assignment.

April was so kind to provide alpha stickers, many different cards and various embellishments.
And this was the result:

I hope I didn't go too overboard with the embellishments.
So how did I go with my first set of Project Life cards ever?
She also inspired me to make some penpal booklets with the various scrapbook paper and notepad paper I have.  I hope that she likes them!


  1. LOVE IT ALL!!! you did a brilliant job x

    1. Kelly, you are one of the kindest person I ever know - your comments mean so much to me, I want you to know that!

  2. Omg, you're so sweet. Thank you for all the kind words that you wrote. Also, thank you for the lovely PL and booklet you made! They were both gorgeous! :) PS. I have a letter heading out to you today!

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