Monday, 17 March 2014

recording life:: march 10 - march 16, 2014

Back to uni has gotten me so busy and life worries for after uni has gotten me melancholy, so what do I do to fix this? Make my diary as bright and happy as possible! I so adore the little birdie paperclip and the kikki. K "today is a great day" memento.  A gift from @rarchi_archie, so it is extra special!

I think the bright and happy washi tape and stickers worked well to lift my mood because I found myself to be quite productive and even sneaked in a bit of social event.

Hello Foam Party, where it's okay to dress casual to an up-scale bar and get covered in bubbles.  

I hope you had a great day, week, fortnight, month!


  1. So nice!!!! Which Filofax is it??? Which size???

    1. Hello! This is the yellow Original Filofax in personal size. ^^