Thursday 19 September 2013

a review of the zebra mildliners in mild & fluorescent

Wouldn't it be nice if highlighters came in pastel colours?

Zebra mildliners have these mild & fluorescent highlighters that are just so lovely and gives the right touch of pastel yumminess.

This set was a gift from Kaitlyn from cafeetpapier and are a perfect companion for your planner and study notes.  

The milder colours of the Zebra Mildliners are so much more soothing to the eyes compared to the Stabilo Swing Cool highlighers that I own.  As such, they've made increasing appearances in my study notes and assessments to address key points that I must remember.

These swatches were made on normal white Filofax paper that comes along when the diary is purchased.  Due to the poor quality of the paper, I also added a photo of any show through.

Bleed-through is seen when the highlighter is applied at greatest pressure.  Any kind of show-through is not "okay" with me but in this case, I blame the tissue paper thin Filofax insert than the highlighter themselves.

These pastel, dreamy colours are lovely to look at and the jelly-like caps are too adorable!  My favourites amongst them are the pink, mint green and blue.  The yellow and orange highlighters still retain the fluorescence but are nowhere near as bright as the yellow and orange highlighters offered by other American and Australian stationery brands.

These highlighters also have a thick {{highlighter}} tip and a fine {{marker}} tip, which makes the higlighters all the more versatile.

While the final highlighted appearance seem quite promising, I do find the Zebra mildliners to be quite dry.  There is noticeable drag when highlighting that I have never experienced before {{not that I've had my share of highlighters...}}.  I wonder if this may be to keep the highlighted area from being saturated with colour, therefore preventing it from being too strong. 

Overall, this set offers a combination of fool-proof colours that will keep any pastel enthusiasts happy.


  1. Oh I love those! I may have to look into them... Never seen pastel highlighters before!

    1. Yes, the mildness of the fluorescence makes them pastel-like! ^^

  2. I've never seen pastel highlighters before either. They'd be much better on my sensitive eyes than the usual ones. I'll have to look into these! Thanks for the review.

  3. Whoa... I want these. (Thanks for sharing <3)

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  5. Where did you get these?! You are in Australia so I am assuming online?

  6. Hi, I was wondering if there was any smudging when used with gel pens or any other pens for that matter. Thanks!

  7. They drag and are dry? What do you mean? Are they tolerable?

  8. Hey, could you do a bleed test on planner paper and regular paper?

  9. hey i just ordered these and was wondering if they smudge on pilot G-2 07 pens thank you!