Thursday, 12 September 2013

the squishy metropol

I was a pretty disorganised person.  {{NOTE: "was"}}
My room was a mess and meals weren't planned out.  I was constantly being surprised by assessments and notes to myself and lists of what I had to do were scribbled somewhere to be lost.
Scrap pieces of paper used to hold my whole uni semester's life {{and risked being thrown out by the boyfriend -cough cough-}}

As first semester exams approached, I knew I had to get my life in order.  A goodie good good friend of mine asked for a diary for her 21st and we insisted on bringing her to Officeworks, the local stationery shop in Australia.  Soon after {{more like an hour!}}, we left with a brand spanking new red personal sized metropol by Filofax.

I followed suit.

Not long after, I fell in love with this:

A personal metropol in kingfisher blue!
She's soft, she's squishy and she's my new diary!

Motivational quote from photocardboutique.
I fell in love with this system as it allowed me to personalise the diary to my needs.
The rings allow me to move what I need to where I need it to be and shuffle it around till I arranged a suitable system.  While I paid the extortionate $80 that was asked for in Australia, I did not regret it!  This is because it has allowed me to plan my time better with extra social activities.  It also led me to a great community on instagram {{#filofax got me obsessed!}} and I got to know a fair few of you girlies on there!

Some things never change -
My room is still a mess {{crafty stuff and sticky notes still lie on the floor}}
And I still scribble on scrap pieces of paper.

But my studies have never been more organised and I have never felt more prepared for my assessments.  As a student, I'm glad that has changed.

Now, I can...
Stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes.

How much has a diary/organiser, Filofax or not, changed your life?
Much loves to you all.


  1. You make me want a Filofax. haha.
    By the way, my diary changes my life basically on my thinking organization. Sometimes there's a thinking thrill through my mind, and I wish to jot it down on somewhere. So, dairy will do! :) Happy Filofax-ing my dear <3

    1. Oh, it's an obsession! ^^
      That's so lovely! I stuff mine with quotes and words that make me happy as well.
      Keep on doing what you're doing because you know I love it. <3

  2. Beautiful! I simply adore my blue metropol, I may just move back into mine after reading this!

    1. Haha, don't you just WANT to? How could that colour NOT make you feel happy?! xD