Saturday, 21 September 2013

it has been a good mail week

I feel so incredibly lucky to have two beautiful souls as my penpals. 
September 18 and September 19 mark the days by which I received my first two letters from Rin {{@paperedthoughts}} & Win Nie {{@win_nie}}.

Melbourne made a switch back to grey days and drizzle with a chilly breeze and it was so very lovely to receive these two envelopes to cheer up my dull week.

From Rin:
From Win Nie:

Whenever I look at these letters, I smile to myself - I just can't help it! 
I hope they make you smile too.

Do you love receiving letters?
Any experienced penpallers out there that have tips for a newbie {{like me}}?
Stay happy!


  1. How nice!! Such pretty and wonderful mail! I love receiving surprises and letters from great penpals.

    I don't really have any advice per se, but I do like when friends write more about themselves such as their hobbies, favorite color, tv shows, what they do in their spare time. etc. I've received letters in the past that were just "bleh" with no meaning or foundation for conversation.

    1. So very right! Rin is absolutely brilliant with her mail tag. ^^

      I can't wait to write back, it's such a joy to receive and reply! I also love staring at other people's envies. You receive the sweestest mail, can't stop looking!

  2. Wow! how creative, and so much effort put into it!

    I love the whole idea of a pen pal, but sadly I would have no idea what to write in a letter.

    1. Me neither, but I'm really glad I started. I hope these girlies don't mind my first letters being ... a bit.. below expectations. >.<

  3. Such beautiful letters! I have no advice though... I'm a newbie too ^.^

    1. I guess we shall learn with the more letters we write. ^^

  4. such lovely letter ♥ I love the little things in life.

    may I be your penpal too? :)