Friday, 7 February 2014

gotta love hashtags:: #tendaysoflove challenge

This Valentine's Day, how about we write a love letter.  Or maybe two - what about ten? Count down the ten days to Valentine's Day with the #TenDaysofLove challenge.  Instead of waiting for something amazing, how about we create something amazing, inspiring, and full of love. 

I'm asking you to join me this Valentine's Day to write love letters to the beautiful people around you - let them know they are loved, that they are appreciated, and are a part of you and your life.

The "Ten Days of Love" Challenge is hosted by the University of Illinois', UIUC Campus Cursive and I wanted to share this with you.  The idea of writing love letters everyday made me so happy, I could just dance under falling glitter and confetti. 

So grab your pen, stationery that makes you smile and all the thoughts in your head and start writing.  Make it long, make it short, make it to whoever you want it to be and make someone else feel loved today.  I urge you to write with me!

Share your love letters via pretty photos on UIUC Campus Cursive's Facebook and Instagram.  Don't forget to hashtag: #TenDaysofLove.

Can't wait to say hello to your beautiful love letters.

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