Monday, 17 February 2014

recording life:: feb 10 - feb 16 2014

I was so totally in love with this week.  Firstly, it was Valentine's Day, then a full day of adventuring in Warrnambool with a good friend of ours.  The 16th also marked the 5.5 year anniversary of my boyfriend and I.  

I love love.  And I so love Valentine's Day.  My boyfriend spoiled me the whole day with brunch and macaron desserts.  He also suggested watching Frozen at the theaters, a movie that I really enjoy! He said that I couldn't sing, though - totally killed my buzz!

Warrnambool was also lots of fun.  With milkshakes and ice cream and good time with good friends.  

I am loving my squishy mint kikki. K as well.  As I wanted to remember some more details of my day, I used a journal card in between my weekly pages.

This past week was also the first week that I used the Studio L2E's "List It" stamp set - I absolutely adore it! It certainly distracts me a bit, but you can't deny that it isn't a very good and fun distraction!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day and your week!


  1. This is super cute! I wish I had your creativity! Mine seems boring in comparison.

    When I travelled to VIC a few years ago we took a trip to Warrnambool and had the most delicious lunch.

    Congrats on 5.5 years - that in itself is a milestone :)

    1. I'm just lucky that I have so many different things! I love doing swaps with people - SHARING IS CARING!!

      Warr was beautiful! Would love to return.

      And thank you. We like celebrating half years because our actual one year is around midsemester exam times or assessment times and our double degrees don't allow us to enjoy very much then!