Wednesday, 19 February 2014

in love:: Studio L2E "List It" stamp set

When I love something, I have to share it.
Why? Because YOU could love it too.  And it just makes me oh so happy to share something that I adore!

I want to introduce you to the beautiful "List it" stamp set by Studio L2E!

Aint she a beauty?

The "List It" stamp set by Studio L2E is a photopolymer stamp set that provides users with a variety of keywords that can be useful for and planner users.  I adore making lists in my planning - there is such a nice feeling of satisfaction when you have completed a task and are able to cross it off your list.  It motivates you and keeps you in check that you are going to do what you have to do!

The "List It" stamp set was produced to compliment the "Plan It" stamp set.  However, I chose the "List It" stamp because I thought it was most relatable to me with my Home life, as well as my Blogging & Instagramming life. I love the different type of list points that they offer (stars, circles, hearts and banners) as well as the lines, banners and the boxed outline.  I purchased only the one as I was a bit tentative about how often I would use a stamp set in my planning. 

Not gonna lie - using this was A LOT of fun and was quite a distraction.
It's new - I'm allowed to play with new things, right?  

I found that using the stamp set has made me a lot neater.  However, it's much bigger than my own natural handwriting.  I tend to write quite small with a lot of details, but I love how the stamped words call for my attention.

To avoid bleed through on Filofax pages, I recommend the use of chalk inks - they do not cause bleed through as they sit on the paper and are not absorbed.  They come in a variety of different colours, as well as the traditional black so you always have choice!

VersaMagic Dew Drop chalk inkpads

More VersaMagic!

Due to the fact that the galaxy gold pigment ink pad is not a chalk ink, there is bleed through when this ink is used to stamp on Filofax paper.  The Pink Petunia and Midnight Black work as well as the previous chalk inks I mentioned!

This page shows the other side of the page that has been stamped - as you can see, there is minimal bleed through but it always depends on how heavily you have stamped! The harder/wetter you stamp, the more bleed through will be visible. 

Not going to lie - I am not that great a stamper, but I hope my skills in it will improve.  For now, I can see myself using the "List It" stamp set quite regularly and I look forward to it when I plan in my diary.

I have also purchased the "Plan It" stamp set, just because I needed a complete set! I hope Studio L2E brings out more stamp sets in these series - I will definitely be adding to my cart when they do.  To complete the set, of course!



  1. Beautiful page!! The Prima and the VersaMagic Dew Drops are a huge fave - have all the colors ever released.. Haha.. You've done really well with this set-up!! Pretty!!

    1. I am in love with the Prima marketing ones! I wish I have all the colours! Endless possibilities. ;D

  2. dreamy, darling ! just lovely! i think you've convinced me ... on both the stamp set and the dewdrop inks. xo

    1. Truly hope I have! It's just so much fun to use. Also, the inks are the perfect size for these. ^^

  3. I just ordered these, + a third one, yesterday! Unfortunately they are up for pre-order, but I can't wait to get them. So excited, they look so cute! :D

    1. Which third stamp set did you order? ^^
      I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  4. hi,

    can you explain how you exactly use these stamps? Because I can't imagine how you do that, because of the ink. I really love the ink!

    1. Hello!

      These stamps are placed against an acrylic plate. I then dab on the ink as it is quite small, wipe off any ink that have smeared on the sides and stamp away! Hope that helps. =]